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Academus CRS-RM, student response monitoring software screenshot
Academus CRS-RM topic choice

ACADEMUS CRS-RM Response Management


Academus CRS online communication server module which manages real time responses from the ACADEMUS CR-50 virtual clickers. It supports up to 50 simultaneous online users (up to 250 in advanced configuration).


  • Offers a real-time monitoring display for attendance, users connected, quiz completion and student or class performance.

  • Operates on a Wireless LAN, does not require internet connection and the use of costly remote clickers, transmitters or receivers.

  • Provides online monitoring of all responses at any instant.

  • Allows dual screen operation, where the class sees only the Quiz page and the teacher can also see and use the administration page.

  • Has an option of automatic start of a quiz when all present students are connected.

  • Allows such parameters as timer and percentage of completion to be displayed to the students while answering a specific quiz. 

  • The system monitors online status of every user and alerts the teacher on non-allowed performance, such as surfing the internet or using the phone or pad for other applications, away from Academus platform.

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