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Introducing Polytech ACADEMUS CRS solution

ACADEMUS CRS Classroom Interactivity & Management Application is a sofisticated yet easy to use software application which serves the following objectives:

  1. Creation, storage and management of students database per class.

  2. Creation, storage and management of quizzes answered by the virtual clicker using MS Office PowerPoint or Word.

  3. Establishment of a communication platform offering teacher/student interactivity and online monitoring.

  4. Storage, analysis and report generation of the quiz results, student and class progress for a chosen period of time.



  • No internet connection required for the operation. All communications are implemented via local Wi-Fi LAN connection provided in school.

  • Creation of unlimited number of classes: Teacher can create as many classes as needed for each academic year.

  • The Question Builder (CRS-QB) module allows for easy and quick interactive quiz creation using MS Office PowerPoint or Word. It is also offered as a CRS-iQB stand-alone application so teachers can create quizzes independently of the other modules. These quizzes can then be easily imported to the main application and to the interactive platform.

  • Real time management and monitoring of up to 50 simultaneous responses per classroom in the standard configuration and up to 250 responses per audience in a special custom configuration (CRS-250)*.

  • All student data and tools for evaluating, grading and reporting are stored locally on the teacher’s PC .

  • Secure and always accessible network without the need to connect to Cloud services or web servers.

*      Not included into ACADEMUS CRS standard package


ACADEMUS CRS is a modular software package. To use in classroom, you need to install the complete package on your PC and students must install the Virtual Clicker module on any Android 4.0, Windows 8.0 or Windows Phone 8 and higher device. 


ACADEMUS CRS-iQB Question Builder stand-alone application is available for free download from the Question Builder page.


ACADEMUS CR-50 Virtual Clicker students' Android application is available for free download from Google Play. The Windows application is available for download from Microsoft Store. iOS application will be available soon.


To read the license agreement please click here.

Academus CRS-QB Question Builder screenshot
  • A software application module for creating teacher-student interactive classroom quizzes in Microsoft Office PowerPoint and Word in an easy and convenient way.

  • Can be used as a stand-alone application on any computer running MS Office PowerPoint or Word.

  • Upon installation it appears as an add-in toolbar on the PowerPoint or Word main screen with a sequence of buttons which offering the teacher the capability to create an interactive quiz, set its parameters, such as correct answer, time, type of question, etc.

Academus CRS-RM Response Management screenshot
  • An online communication server module which collects real time responses from the ACADEMUS CR-50 virtual clickers.

  • Supports up to 50 simultaneous users (up to 250 in advanced configuration).

  • Offers a real-time monitoring display for attendance, users connected, quiz completion and student or class performance.

  • Operates on a Wireless LAN, does not require internet connection and the use of costly remote clickers, transmitters or receivers.

Academus CRS-CM Classroom Management screenshot
  • A database module which offers many timesaving built-in features for managing class, student responses and class performance.

  • Stores all quizzes in one database for further use at any time.

  • Stores every student's individual results in each class.

  • The results then can be analyzed and evaluated individually or per class generating various reports which can be exported in Excel format for further usage.

Academus CR-50 Virtual Clicker free Android and Windows application
  • Free of charge application for Android, Windows desktop and Windows Phone available for downloading from Google Play and Microsoft Store.

  • Created to work as an interactive virtual clicker for the ACADEMUS CRS Classroom Interactivity & Management software package.

  • Offers answers in different formats, such as multiple choice (A-F), yes/no, true/false, numeric and text.

  • Does not require internet connection, works with a LAN or WiFi connection.

  • Operates on any device running Android 4.0 or higher including pads, smartphones, tablets; PCs with OS windows 8.0 or higher and any Windows mobile devices with OS WP8 or higher.

  • The iOS application will be available soon.

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