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As an IT start-up in the mid 80’s Polytech has been offering quality computer equipment and software that helped many commercial clients on their way to office and business automation. In the following years it evolved into a system integrator and developer of solutions for commercial market, offering not only its own solutions but also third party products and adapting to the rapidly changing demands of information systems industry. 


As a commercial supplier of IT products Polytech offers a multitude of products that guarantee the highest degree of customer satisfaction. Its highly skilled personnel are trained to assist clients in solving all their computing and automation tasks from assessment to final integration and training. 


Parallelly, Polytech offers more than 25 years of design, development contracting and technical experience to educational and training institutes in upgrading existing establishments or in setting up new laboratories, faculties or complete learning centers.

The specific areas of our expertise are described in Polytech main site. In general, Polytech is able to supply integrated equipment and services in the following areas: pure and applied research, engineering teaching and technical vocational training, as well as equipment and educational software for primary and secondary schools.

Our project capabilities include provision of the equipment or system design and development, information technology project development and implementation, curriculum development and equipment procurement.

Polytech owes its long and successful track record to its business philosophy of vision and innovation, respect and integrity as well as teamwork and accountability. Furthermore its highly skilled and educated professionals are always committed to delivering solutions that meet and exceed traditional standards of quality and performance in every project that they are entrusted.


For detailed information on company's current products and projects please see

Polytech site.

Polytech school presentation, Greece
Factory of Polytech, Greece, production
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