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Frequently Asked Questions


Here you can find answers to frequently asked questions about ACADEMUS CRS. Visit the main Polytech site if you want to learn more about our products for education. Don't hesitate to contact us for any further questions.

Which operating systems does Academus CRS work with? 

Academus CRS works with Windows PCs. All you need to have is Microsoft Office 2007 or higher installed.


Which version of Microsoft Office should I have installed to use Academus CRS?  

Academus CRS works with MS Office 2007 or higher.


Do I need Internet access in my classroom to use Academus CRS and Academus


Academus CRS and CR-50 Virtual Clicker applications do not need internet connection to operate. All you need to have is local Wi-Fi (wireless LAN router).


If there is more than one Wi-Fi router in the school is it possible to change the router settings in Academus CRS as many times as necessary?   

Yes, you can change the settings as many times as you need. You can enter any Wi-Fi network available in the classroom. Academus CRS will detect the IP address of the router automatically, you can verify it very easily with a single click.

How do students register and log in to Academus CR-50 Virtual Clicker?   

Students must be officially registered by the teacher in the Academus CRS database in the beginning of the school year per grade and per class. The database can be replicated, edited and reused for the following years. The teacher can maintain a student profile during all academic years of school attendance.

When students log in to the Academus CR-50 system with their user names and passwords, they are automatically identified as students of a specific class and connected to ACADEMUS CRS system if they are within in the proximity of the classroom wireless network coverage.

Academus CR-50 student application does not involve any licensing costs. All the students have to do is to download it free of charge from Google Play or Microsoft Store and install it on their devices.


Which devices does Academus CR-50 work with?

Academus CR-50 virtual clicker works with Android-based mobile devices (tablets and smartphones), Windows Phone devices version 8 or higher and Windows devices version 8 and higher. Virtual clicker for iOS will be also available soon.


Does Academus CR-50 work with any Android based pad or phone?   

Academus CR-50 virtual clicker application has been designed to adapt easily to Android devices. It has been tested successfully with many device types and models with Android OS version 4.0 and higher.

In case you are having any technical issues with your device and Academus CR-50 virtual clicker, please email Polytech support to and give us information on your device model, Android version and type of the problem.


Why is the number of interacting users limited to 50 users per session?   

A usual class normally consists of 25-30 students. This number can of course go higher but 50 students in a class is an absolute maximum. That’s why Academus CRS standard configuration license is offered as a single teacher PC license, allowing maximum 50 simultaneous users per session. This does not limit the registration of more classes and more students by one teacher.

For lecturers in Universities and Institutes who want to manage and interact with larger audiences, as in an auditorium, we offer special custom configuration of Academus CRS-250 that supports bundles up to 250 users. For more than 250 users Polytech offers the Academus Theatron application.

To request these versions of Academus CRS please either send us your request to or submit the request form on the Academus site.


How many classes can a teacher create and manage with Academus CRS?   

A teacher can create and manage as many classes as he requires, the number of classes is unlimited. All he needs to do is to create a class with Academus CRS-CM module. Each class is limited to 50 registered users.


Can teachers share the registered students’ data with other teachers using Academus CRS?   

Yes, once the students are registered per grade and per class in Academus CRS, this data can be reused by any other teacher using the software, i.e. Physics teacher and Math teacher who teach the same class can share this data, no need to reenter it.

The database can be replicated, exported, shared, edited and reused for the following years. Teachers of one and the same school can maintain students’ profiles during all academic years of school attendance.


How do I create and what parameters can I set for session quizzes?  

When you create a quiz with Academus CRS-QB module, you can:

  • Organize and save quizzes per subject, topic and session, i.e. Physics, Mechanics, Newtons 2nd Law

  • Open a session and create quizzes for it in 4 simple steps:

    • Choose and assign the format of the quiz (i.e. Yes/No reply) and either receive an Academus CRS template for it or use your own template (choice between MS Power Point or Word) to write on. Your PP template will automatically have the format of the chosen type of quiz.

    • Just add the quiz text

    • Set the parameters: correct answer, second best answer feature (option of second accepted variation for correct answer), start event, time of response, minimum expected completion percentage and standard or individual feedback messages to the students based on their responses.

    • Save the quiz. It is automatically saved under the created session. To name the quiz select any part of the question text and save it. The quiz now is saved in your sessions and you can access the session from the Academus database to use, edit or reuses them.


Can I store my quizzes to use them later?  

Yes, you can. Every quiz you make is stored in the quiz database with session, topic and subject label so it is really very easy to get back to it at any time. You can reuse it in your future activities or duplicate it for another class.


Can I create quizzes at home, away from my school PC where I have a licensed Academus CRS software installed?  

You surely can. All you need to do is to download the free Academus CRS-iQB Question Builder add-on application from the Question Builder page  and install it on your PC. Don't forget that you need to have Microsoft Office 2007 or higher. After doing so, you are ready to create your quizzes. You can save them and then import into your Academus CRS software any time you need.


Does Academus CRS Quiz Builder support relatively correct answers?  

You can build a quiz which has an accurate answer and an answer which is partially correct, i.e.:

Gravitational acceleration is...

a) g = 9,0 cm/sec2 b) g = 9,8 m/sec2 c) g = 9,81 m/sec2 d) g = 9,7 m/sec2

Answers B is correct, answer C is very close. This can be evaluated as an acceptable deviation for the correct answer with -20% to the grade assigned for the correct answer. This utility gives teachers flexibility to build quizzes away from right-wrong evaluations.


What events can I monitor with Academus CRS for my class session?   

Academus CRS-CM offers to a teacher an interactive monitoring screen of each student and of the whole classroom performance at any instant of the session with an online status display on:

Student presence/absence in a registered classroom during the initiation for the session

  • Currently connected and disconnected present students prior to quiz start

  • Student individual response monitoring box with color indicators for:

  • Total quizzes per session status 

    • Correct, incorrect or no-response replies to previous on any instant of the current session

    • Waiting for response during the current quiz process

    • Current Completion % of connected users during any instant of the quiz

  • Current correct / incorrect / no-response % status graph during the quiz process 

  • Current quiz time settings and countdown timer display 

  • Low Completion rate indicator for Current quiz

  • Manual Repeat current quiz button


Where can I see the connection status of the students?  

In Academus CRS-RM you can watch in real time who is currently connected and who is disconnected from the currently present students. The system will also show you how many students in your class are absent in the current session.

CR-50 Virtual Clicker has a connection status bar showing the network signal for the remote device.


Does Academus CRS have any templates for quizzes or should I make them myself?

If you know how to use MS Word and Power Point then you don’t need Academus templates, but if you want you can use them there as examples. You can alter them and customize them the way you like, after all they are just a Word page or a Power Point slide.


Does Academus CRS support all the editing, graphics and animation features of Power Point?

Academus CRS-QB is installed as an add-in module to your existing MS Power Point or Word toolbar and does not influence any of their features. Actually it enhances them to assist you with a simple step by step quiz creation. Make your quizzes animated and colorful, add sounds, videos and hints to them and many more.


Can I create a race quiz?

Academus CRS has a time stamp on the reply for each student in every quiz. So you can easily choose the winner based on time performance in the quiz. Add a bonus to the correct answers for the 3 best time responses if you think that time is important to evaluate the reply.


How can I grade my students’ results?

Academus CRS-CM module is your class management tool. Results of all sessions are stored there for grading and evaluation.

Grading can be:

  • Absolute: 100%

  • Bonus grade: you can add bonus to a question from 1 to 20% on the absolute grade for specific target questions, difficult questions or questions which are of your high expectations. Reward your good students!

  • Deviation: this is the alternative correct answer which you can assign while building a quiz. The second best answer gets graded too at 80% of the accurate answer grade, i.e.:

What is the value of π?

a) π = 3,14 b) π = 3,14159 c) π = 3,1919 d) π=9,81

Accurate π = 3,14159, accepted π = 3,14


Can I make class reports with Academus CRS?

Academus CRS-CM database strores all your static and dynamic data sectored in 3 main categories.

Reports can be produced for both single student performance and class (group) performance and can include complete detailed information on:

  • Specific quiz or specific session with all the details as correct replies, grading, time performance, date and time.

  • Average performance per Session

  • Average performance per Topic

  • Average performance per Subject

  • Average performance per Period of time


Can I export Academus database tables for further data analysis?

Yes, Academus CRS has a facility to export any database information to MS Excel. You can choose to make drill-down reports on a single or a group of students from a class, several classes, specific sessions or topics, specific periods of time, semester or annual etc.

Reports can include student, group of students or overall class activity data for evaluation, ranging from presence in a session to respond times to correct responses. All this data is available for you to evaluate and print.


How can I get Academus CRS package?

You can choose between buying the single license software directly from this site via PayPal or sending us an order for a single or multiple licenses and paying the invoice. Please note that school bundle licenses for 6, 12 and 24 users are offered at special discount rate. 


How to download Academus CRS from the site?

Single-license Academus CRS software package is available for purchase directly from this site via PayPal. If you don't have a PayPal account, you will have to create one first. Creating a PayPal account is very easy and quick, it will not take more than 5 minutes.

After creating the PayPal account, you can purchase Academus CRS right away. To start the procedure, please click the orange button in the top right corner of the screen. You will be redirected to the PayPal site, where you will need to input your details and make a purchase. Within 5 minutes you will receive an email with a link for downloading, your order number and the license key. Download the software and follow the installation procedure.


I purchased the software online but the email did not came. What shall I do?

In an unlikely case of not receiving the confirmation email after the purchase with the download link, the order number and the license key please contact us at We'll get back to you as soon as possible.


Is it safe to buy directly from the Academus site?

Yes. Your payment will be processed via PayPal - one of the oldest, most secure and most trusted online payment systems of the world. PayPal has legal protection of your money transfer, that's why we've chosen it as our payment gateway. Please note, that if your bank account or credit card use currencies different from dollar, the conversion rates will apply. 

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