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ACADEMUS CRS-CM Class Management


ACADEMUS CRS-CM Class Management module is a student, class, quiz, response and activity database, offered to facilitate all pre- and post processing of student and lesson data.


  • Contains a sub-database of students and classes for registering and administering students per class. The teacher can maintain and edit these records at any instant or replicate them for the next academic year.

  • Contains topic and session, with various parameters assigned to the quizzes such as correct a sub-database of quizzes for storing and editing quizzes or presentations per subject, answers, time restrictions, correlations as well as class completion or performance parameters.

  • Includes flexible database tools which give many timesaving automatic features and advantages for analyzing student, group or classroom attendance and performance per subject, topic or specific teaching session during any chosen period of time.

  • Stores every single result of each student in a class with a time and date of response stamp.

  • The results of the completed tests can be analyzed and graded by the teacher. The teacher can easily set grading method by interpolating, correlating and rewarding the answers under any chosen scenario of student responses.

  • Offers various types of reports which can be produced and exported in commonly used Excel format for any further usage.

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