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Low-cost, easy to use, efficient classroom interactivity and management software package

The ACADEMUS CRS classroom interactivity and management software package provides a simple, efficient and easy to use tool dedicated to education professionals. 

In brief, Academus CRS enables a teacher to: build his or her database of classes, register students, create interactive quizzes and tests, classify them per subject, topic and session, conveniently store and manage the quizzes. When students connect to Academus CRS using their free Android or Windows (mobile or desktop) Virtual Clicker applications (iOS is coming soon), the teacher can interactively monitor, in real-time and per session, student responses to the questions. They can analyze and evaluate students' results according to various parameters, create all kinds of reports based on the parameters of their choice and export any data to MS Excel.

Academus CRS-CM Classroom Management
Virtual Clicker

ACADEMUS CRS-QB Question Builder module allows a teacher to create and assign parameters to quizzes by simply using MS Office Power Point or Word in an easy and convenient manner. The module is available for free download from this site and can be run independently from the other modules. 

The Response Management module of ACADEMUS CRS is an online communication server which collects, visualizes and manages real time responses from the students supporting 50 simultaneous online users (up to 250 in advanced configuration).

The Class Management module of ACADEMUS CRS application offers a database for administering students and their responses, storing and editing quizzes, evaluating and analyzing all data as well as creating various custom made reports. 

Academus CR-50 Virtual Clicker is a free of charge application for Android, Windows Phone and Windows, available for downloading from Google Play and Microsoft Store. It simulates a versatile response clicker offering multiple choice (A-F), yes/no, true/false, numeric and text answers.

1. Create and store quizzes

2. Have students answer them

3. Evaluate and analyze results

Interact with your students independently of the internet

Internet technologies have lately developed to the level of vital necessity. On the one hand, they give us flexibility and convenience. But on the other hand, a school classroom is a place where teacher and students must focus in a didactic process with no destructions.

Have you ever asked yourself a question like: "Why should I interact via the world wide web in my own classroom, when my own students are sitting in front of me? Can I do without it?" If this question came to your mind, ACADEMUS is definitely your answer.

ACADEMUS solution.

Nowadays taking an innovative approach to lesson delivery that offers “creative” thinking and interactivity is a must for any classroom. Using Academus CRS, the learning process is now based on student Interactivity.

Instead of just lecturing about solving equations or unit conversions, a teacher uses an interactive board, which makes all things vivid, virtual, iconic, realistic and easy for presentation. Then he takes 2-3 minutes to pause and interact with the students. Posing simple or smart questions on the interactive board, the teacher can immediately estimate the comprehension level of the last presented concept and if the students have understood clearly and certainly the main concept.

This is the Interactivity offered by Academus CRS. In 2-3 minutes the teacher can get a clear picture of students’ understanding before moving on to the more detailed level or another related subject. The teacher does not only get the classroom pulse at any minute but also keeps it in records and evaluates statistically the overall performance per student, per subject, per lesson, per annum, etc.

Most existing SRS systems use remote clickers, which until now have been an expensive approach based on closed architectures and proprietary platforms to create quizzes.

The new SRS platforms are focused mainly on interaction through Internet and Cloud computing platforms and do not offer a personalized classroom control system, where the teacher and the students are united by one local Wi-Fi classroom network. New SRS systems cannot leverage commonly used off-shelf tools for ad-hoc presentation building based on teacher’s own curriculum and quizzes (i.e. using off-shelf software such as MS Office Word or Power Point, Open Office, html, etc.)

Instructors need an easy tool for teaching, presenting, interacting and evaluating their work and their students’ work, independently from any internet-linked cloud computing. A tool that is available in a real classroom, and not in a virtual classroom, with all the benefits of a modern database. A tool that is capable of creating drill down reports to empower the teacher to efficiently evaluate his classroom performance and to allow him to create and customize his lectures both at work and at home the way he needs.


ACADEMUS CRS is the best solution for classroom interactivity offered at low cost compared to any solution existing in the market, and offering more than a student response system, but a real Classroom Interactivity and Management system.


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